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Licensed Cosmetologist

I am a licensed Cosmetologist and salon owner based out of Stafford, VA (Northern VA). I fell in love with hair at a young age from mother. She did amazing roller sets for a lot of military wives in our neighborhood. I enrolled in cosmetology school in high school then graduated and went on to get my cosmetology license soon after. With over 17 years of experience servicing all textures of hair. I’m in love with all forms of naturally curly hair, cuts, and a range of coloring techniques and styles! It is important for me to help teach my clients that all textures of hair are beautiful and unique, and to help them understand their beautiful hair fabric!


The Mission

Our goal is to always uplift and inspire our clients nothing is more important to the company than to always provide quality hair care services to our clients. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality hair care services with integrity, understanding, and always showing you, our valued clients our love for your beautiful locks!


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